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Inner Mongolia Yili Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

Dec. 24, 2019

Inner Mongolia Yili Chemical Industry Co. , Ltd. was founded in 2004, is by Yili Resources Group, Huayi Group (Shanghai chlor-alkali) and Shenhua Group co-funded. Currently the main products are 400,000 tons of PVC resin, 360,000 tons of caustic soda, 60,000 tons of liquid chlorine, 80,000 tons of hydrochloric acid, 0.6 million tons of sodium hypochlorite. The company Adopts International Advanced Technology and equipment, the main devices are caustic soda devices, Acetylene Devices, vinyl chloride devices, polyvinyl chloride devices and public works, such as the five major devices. In the use of vacuum pump medium containing CL + corrosive, our equipment used special materials to meet customer requirements.

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