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Vacuum Pump Repair Method

Sep. 11, 2020

Things will inevitably be damaged after being used for a long time. Vacuum pumps are used in many industrial fields on a large scale. What should I do if the vacuum pump is broken? What are the maintenance methods for vacuum pumps? Today, we will work with the Vacuum Pumps Supplier to understand the related content of vacuum pump maintenance.

The vacuum pump cannot be started:

The main manifestation is that the vacuum pump cannot start operation after being powered on. At this time, you should first check the circuit part of the vacuum pump, such as whether the fuse is burned out, and whether the vitality parts of the circuit part are burned out. After troubleshooting the circuit part, the following two factors should be considered:

1.Motor burnt out: Mainly because the stator coil of the motor is burnt out. There are many reasons. For example, the instantaneous current is too large, the motor bearing is worn for a long time, which causes the bearing friction resistance to increase, the motor power increases, and the temperature rises and the motor is burned. . At this time, check the motor bearings first, and then check the motor coils. If the bearing is damaged, replace the bearing; if the motor coil is burnt, repair the motor and rewind the sub-coil. When the bearings and coils are severely damaged, the motor needs to be replaced.

2. Rotary vane jamming: The main manifestation is that the frictional resistance between the rotary vane and the inner surface of the pump cavity is too large, causing the motor to fail to drive the rotary vane. The reason is that the rotary vane is deformed, the spring in the rotor cannot be reset after being opened, or the combined force of the spring pressure and the centrifugal force of the rotary vane is too large, resulting in excessive frictional resistance between the rotary vane and the inner surface of the pump cavity. At this time, the rotary vane and spring should be repaired in time, if not repaired, they should be replaced.

Vacuum Pump

Vacuum Pump

The ultimate vacuum degree of the Vacuum Pump cannot be drawn:

First check the air tightness of the vacuum system to see if there is a slight leak. Secondly, open the gas ballast and let the pump run for about 30 minutes to drain the compressible steam caused by non-pump oil pollution and eliminate the influence of compressible steam on the ultimate vacuum.

After excluding the above two factors, other reasons are mainly: pump oil pollution, need to change the oil; the oil filter in the pump is clogged, causing the compression oil injection system oil path is not smooth, the oil supply is insufficient, and the pump body is not tightly sealed. The internal oil filter needs to be cleaned; deformation, wear or damage of the oil distributor valve can also cause insufficient oil supply. At this time, check and replace the oil distributor valve;

Long-term use will cause the rotor blades of the vacuum pump to wear out or the spring tension in the rotor is insufficient, which leads to inadequate isolation of the suction chamber and the exhaust chamber, resulting in a decrease in the vacuum pumping performance of the vacuum pump. At this time, the rotor blades and springs should be replaced and cleaned. Rotor and pump cavity; check the exhaust valve to see if its action fails, resulting in poor exhaust. Replace the exhaust valve if necessary.

Oil spill:

One of the most common failures of Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump mainly occurs in the oil window of the vacuum pump, the oil tank gasket, and the motor bearing shaft seal. The main reason is that the vacuum pump has been used for a long time, causing these parts to age and seal failures. Causes an oil leak. Solution: Replace the aging oil window, shaft seal, gasket and felt pad that has been filled with pump oil. After the repair is completed, use Edward vacuum pump oil to flush the vacuum pump before oil filling, and clean the filter at the oil filling port with a solvent to maintain Clean the fuel tank

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