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Do You Know Four Measures To Improve The Performance Of Vacuum Pumps?

Jun. 04, 2020

From the following description of the vacuum pump by the displacement pump supplier, we can see that there are many measures for improving the performance of the vacuum pump. Only a few typical methods in the application process are listed. Vacuum pump performance methods, such as the effect of the gap between the pump body and the end surface of the impeller on the performance of the vacuum pump, the change in speed on the performance of the vacuum pump, etc., can be used in the specific circumstances of the application, which improves the performance of the vacuum pump and improves The stability and reliability of vacuum pump operation will play a positive role.

1. The role of vacuum pump inlet regulating valve

Vacuum pumps are generally used for vacuuming, but not all occasions require that the vacuum degree is as low as possible, and some occasions are required to be controlled within a certain required vacuum degree range, or the pressure in the pump chamber of the vacuum pump is too high. Low, severe cavitation will occur in the pump cavity, causing vibration and noise of the pump to affect the use, you can add a vacuum regulator valve in the suction area of the pump, when the above situation occurs, you can open the regulator valve properly In order to mitigate the impact of vibration and noise, or reduce the vacuum degree, to achieve the required vacuum degree requirements. This is a method for more reasonable application of vacuum pumps.

2. The role of atmospheric ejectors

Any liquid has a vaporization pressure at any temperature. The limit vacuum degree of the water ring vacuum pump is related to the saturated vapor pressure of the liquid circulation liquid of the vacuum pump. For the medium with a high saturated vapor pressure, the lower the limit vacuum degree of the vacuum pump, otherwise, the limit vacuum The higher the degree.

3. The effect of supplementary working fluid system on the performance of vacuum pump

The working fluid must be replenished continuously. But in what way to replenish the working fluid, how to determine the flow and pressure of the replenishing working fluid, can the performance of the vacuum pump be improved.


4. Use the method of reducing the temperature of the working fluid to increase the vacuum and the pumping group

Knowing that the vaporization pressure of the liquid has a great relationship with the temperature of the liquid, high temperature and high vaporization pressure lead to low vacuum of the pump, so reducing the temperature of the working fluid is beneficial to increase the vacuum of the pump. For higher temperatures Working fluid, we need to reduce the temperature of the working fluid through heat exchange to improve the vacuum of the vacuum pump.

These are the four measures to improve the performance of vacuum pumps. If you want to buy single-stage vacuum pumps and environmentally friendly vacuum pumps, please contact us.

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