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​ What Should Be Paid Attention To When Dismantling The Water Ring Vacuum Pump?

May. 20, 2020

When the Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump is in production and processing, it is very important that its sand blasting process is the end of all steps. It is used to level and decorate the paint. What should be paid attention to when dismantling the water ring vacuum pump matter? Tell the electrical to disconnect the wire, cut off the power, and hang the warning sign "Do not move when someone overhauls". The pipeline connecting the water ring vacuum pump and the system is disassembled or blinded. In the demolition water ring vacuum pump, the water in the water ring pump should be drained through the water discharge hole. When disassembling the water ring vacuum pump, all pads should be carefully removed. If damaged, they should be replaced with new pads with the same data and thickness. The water ring vacuum pump should be disassembled from the end not close to the motor, and the disassembly order is opposite to the installation order.

For 2BV water ring Vacuum Pumps, we need to understand its installation, maintenance, repair, and also need to understand its disassembly. There are precautions for disassembly. The Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Manufacturer will introduce the precautions for its disassembly below:

1. Adjust the clearance of each part of the rotor according to the clearance list.
2. Trial operation and performance test must be carried out after reinstallation, and can only be installed and used after being normal.
3. Before reassembling the Roots vacuum pump, all parts must be cleaned and burrs smoothed.
4. Record in detail the reasons for replacement of parts that need to be replaced and their usage.
5. "106" silicone rubber coating is used for the static sealing surface without sealing pad or sealing ring. Use clean rubber seals and apply vacuum-coated grease. No grease should be applied to the sealing ring and the flat surface of the overflow valve of the vacuum pump with overflow valve.
6. Before the Roots vacuum pump is disassembled, measure and record the gap of each part of the rotor.
7. Leak detection must be performed after all are installed.
8. Try to avoid hitting with a heavy hammer as much as possible. The removed parts must not be damaged and kept properly.

The content of 2BV water ring vacuum pump is introduced here. These precautions can make the machine use longer, not easy to damage, and can be well maintained. Although it is only disassembled, it has done several aspects, so we are disassembling Pay attention.

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