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  • 2BV Liquid ring vacuum pump
  • 2BV Liquid ring vacuum pump
  • 2BV Liquid ring vacuum pump
  • 2BV Liquid ring vacuum pump
  • 2BV Liquid ring vacuum pump
  • 2BV Liquid ring vacuum pump
  • 2BV Liquid ring vacuum pump

2BV Liquid ring vacuum pump

The 2BV liquid ring vacuum pumps are displacement pumps of uncomplicated and robust construction with the following particular features: non-polluting due to nearly isothermal compression oil-free, as no lubrication in the working chamber handling of nearly all gases and vapours small quantities of entrained liquid can be handled easy maintenance and reliable operation low noise and nearly free fr
Product Description

2BV Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

High capacity monoblock  pumps

Available in both cast iron and stainless steel construction, the 2BV family provides capacities up the 600m3/h(360CFM) in a compact monoblock design.

Space-saving installation

When compared to conventional pumps, the 2BV5's monoblock  design delivers the benefits of a simple, compact and economical intallation. Since the pump and motor are integral and self supporting there is no need for additional baseplates, couplings or guards, which add to the cost, complexity and overall size of the installation.

Rugged and reliable

We focused on durability and dependability when we developed these liquid-ring pumps.Wiht a reinforced stainless steel shaft and sealed bearings, the 2BV can provide up to20,000 hours of maintenance-free operation. Additional features such as the iron pump's ceramic coated casing  prevent wear and ensure constant performance even under harsh conditions.

Quiet operation

The 2BV is expertly designed and manufactured to be quiet and vibration free. With sound pressure levels of less that 75dBA, it complies with the strictest noise standards, eliminating the need for additional sound attenuating devices.

Advantages at a glance


●-Rugged design for reliable operation and long service life

●-Precision-balanced rotor

●-For worldwide use 50/60HZ motors

●-Available from stock

●-Low installation costs

●-Easy to service

●-Standar mechanical seal

●-Reinforced stainless-steel shaft in the pump body

TYPEPower( Kw )Suc Cap (m³/h)Speed (rpm)

Main applications

●-Plastics industry

●-Chemical industry

●-Medical technology

●-Food and beverage industry

●-General industry

The operating data are applicable under the following conditions:

water vapour saturated air: 20°C

service liquid:   - water: 15°C

Compression pressure 1013 mbar (atmospheric pressure)


Material design



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