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  • Flygt  Sewage pump
  • Flygt  Sewage pump
  • Flygt  Sewage pump
  • Flygt  Sewage pump
  • Flygt  Sewage pump
  • Flygt  Sewage pump
  • Flygt  Sewage pump
  • Flygt  Sewage pump

Flygt Sewage pump

Our company's professional agent FLYGT submersible pump, welcome to your inquiry and procurement!
Product Description



State-of-the-art wastewater pump with N-technology

Sustained high efficiency with energy savings up to 25%

Flexible and modular design

Robust and reliable


Flygt N-pumps take on the toughest applications and get the job done. Every component is designed and manufactured to deliver sustained high efficiency. Thanks to patented N-technology with its innovative self-cleaning impeller, Flygt N-pumps deliver the highest total efficiency. They lower your energy bill and reduce unplanned maintenance costs. That adds up to total peace of mind – and big savings over the long term.

Most solid objects entering the pump will pass through the impeller between the impeller vanes. If an object gets caught on the leading edge of one of the vanes, it will slide along the backswept shape towards the perimeter of the inlet.

Due to the mechanical self-cleaning design, a sludge concentration up to 8% can easily be pumped.


This self-cleaning pump features innovative functions that make it the best choice for a broad range of applications. The modular hydraulic design enables you to tailor the hydraulics to meet the requirements of virtually any application.

Replaceable wear ring in two materials, gray iron or Hard IronTM, for different operation conditions

Hardened gray iron impeller for typical wastewater applications

Hard Iron? impeller for abrasive and corrosive applications 

Chopper ring intended for tough wastewater applications where cutting is required due to long fibers and solids

Stainless steel impeller for special applications that require duplex stainless steel

Short shaft overhang reduces shaft deflection and increases seal and bearing life

Motor designed for submersible use. Heat is concentrated to the stator core for improved cooling properties.

The Plug-in? seal with Active Seal? system eliminates the risk associated with incorrect installation and careless handling. All in one unit. Available in Tungsten carbide (WCCR) or Silicone carbide (SiC)      depending on pumped media.

Motor cable SUBCAB ? specially developed for submersible use 

Offers flexible cooling systems, e.g. closed loop cooling system, media cooled or external cooling.

  Founded in Sweden more than 100 years ago, Flygt is a well-known water pump brand, sewage treatment solution provider and water technology company specializing in water transport, treatment, monitoring, control and other infrastructure and application technologies. As a global sewage pump market brand, we invented the submersible pump, which has transformed municipal water supply and sewage treatment infrastructure around the world. Xylem is the predecessor of ITT's water business unit, which includes water and wastewater treatment, analytical instruments, residential and commercial water and flow control. In early 2011, as the business grew rapidly, the ITT formally decided to combine these divisions into a separate global water technology company, with Xylem as the brand name. The XYLEM will inherit more than 100 years of water experience from Itt , specializing in water distribution, treatment, and monitoring and control infrastructure and application technologies. XYLEM -- A premium application solution for customers with challenging water issues -- was created in November 2011 from several strategic business segments of ITT , these strategic business segments are: water technology solutions, residential and commercial water, analytical instruments and flow control operations. As an independent company, we provide equipment and services for water and wastewater treatment applications, including a broad portfolio of products and services that meet the entire water cycle-from water intake, delivery, use to water return to the natural environment. Based on our deep historical background, we will continue to provide our customers with a higher level of customer service, innovative solutions and value with a more focused strategic area, rich experience and strong leadership team. Our key product brand will continue to advance in the water transmission, testing, analysis and processing business development, and become an important cornerstone of the Xylem brand.

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